SUCH a beautiful day in the Castro despite it being under construction. #lovemyhood
One of the many reasons why I’m so blessed to have this love! @kinggeedorah you are my sunshine šŸŒž

One really cool thing I learned during my shoot that was not related to filmmaking was how to successfully pee outside! This is a big deal for me.

Becca and Becky ! šŸŽ„ @frozengrapez @bexoxo3000
What must be done when I am in a car with bunnies ….. @kristanegee
Been sleeping in the cutest camper the last couple nights !!!! #itzpapalotl

Holy shit what a stressful day. So many things went wrong . Still praying I don’t get the stomach flu. I’m too anxious to sleep

Hey Chantel, I heard that you successfully raised the funds for your film, and I wanted to say congrats! If any young, talented, self-made artist out there deserves it, it's definitely you :) Can't wait to see the final results!

Thank you Kara!!!!!!!! That’s so sweet