things are nice today, but tonight is the night of truth!

basically i’ve been excessive (if possible) about this whole bed bug thing.

a few of you have asked me what i’ve done so i thought i’d just type it all out for anyone out there who may be dealing with the same problem.  needless to say, i’ve been doing a lot of reading.

1- washed every fabric possession in my room and subsequently double trash bagged it up, with the first one upside down so it is as much a seal i could make

2- got a professional opinion who found them solely in my room on my mattress.  he came back a few days after and exterminated the entire apt and treated my mattress

3- took everything off the walls (before the extermination)

4- bought a sterilizing steamer.

5- got rid of my mattress. disassembled my loft bed frame and found a few leftover live ones (these are the only ones i saw since i discovered i had them, and was honestly pretty traumatic.)

6- threw away any clothes and belongings i was okay to part with

7- either thoroughly examined and  steamed, lysol-ed, or sprayed with a mixture of essential oils and rubbing alcohol every single belonging of mine in every crack i could see.  i mean every-single-thing

8-immediate organize/seal into storage boxes

9- cleaned/ steamed / painted (because i felt like it) my dressers

10- built my bed frame with all the legs in traps and diatomaceous earth in them

11- steamed every crack on my walls, molding and any on the floor that weren’t sprayed with the pesticide.  also cleaned / steamed my windows and all those cracks and the blinds.  i’ll be getting new blinds in the mail soon!

12- lined the perimeter of the top of my walls with packers tape covered in baby powder

13- purchased new mattress with encasement for it, the new box spring, and washed pillows

14- sprayed everything constantly with rubbing alcohol / essential oil mix (that smells delicious)

15- made bed neatly with small blanket, and sheets tucked in with no cords touching my bed , and have it pulled away from the walls along with all my furniture

16- left light on constantly while i was gone

17- hired a cleaning person to EXTENSIVELY deep clean the entire apartment

praying that they are all gone?  not sure if it’s a good or bad thing, but the only ones i’ve seen since the extermination were in my bed frame which i threw away.  

so tonight is my first night back in my room in a month.  it feels nice but is also anxiety inducing.  i just am hoping none get back to my bed or fall from the ceiling on me -_-.  i just never want to see one of those gross vampire creatures ever again!!!

i’m sleeping with my light on and fully covered except my hands and face.

This whole
Bed bug thing has really taken a toll .
I wish this on no one

Just as

I spend a few weeks away to recharge and feel happy again with a lot of motivation to do things (which I’ve been lacking very much the last 3 months) I come home to my bed infested with bed bugs . Seriously? What the fuck
I feel horrible and am more upset than ever